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3 Great Ways Impress Your Visitors

If you have guests arriving, or if you are trying to sell your home, you will want your home to make the best first impression possible. There are many ways to do this, but it is surprising how many possibilities are still overlooked by people. To help you if you want to sell your property, or if you wish to simply impress your guests, here are some of the best ways that I find make a great impression with your home.


Make sure your windows are in good repair and well decorated, nothing looks worse than rotten window frames on a house. Badly fitted frames and dirty paintwork show a lack of care for a property that could lead to something much worse. However, well maintained windows outline the design of your property’s façade, and show that you care about your property. Any paintwork or staining should have crisp clean lines, with no paint on the glass panes or the walls; and a professional job will always look better than the work you do yourself. Over time you will not notice your windows looking worse and worse, but people new to your home will spot it straight away.

The Front Door

Unless you greet people that approach your home, visitors will normally spend time waiting at your front door. If you want to impress somebody; this is great time to do it. Remember that you don’t need a fancy door to impress; a plain door can itself be impressive if you have a good enough finish on it. I would suggest having a professional paint or stain your front door, as a blemish free shining finish can easily give the impression that you desire. If your home is large enough you can really make an impression with carved double doors and moulded surrounds, but these aren’t necessary for most people.

The Hallway


Once your front door is opened people will have their first view of your property, and this is where opinions about your interior are formed. You should have good lighting in your hall as dim lighting makes a hall look murky, and you should also make sure that your hall is clutter free and clean. One of the best ways to give your hall a wow factor is to concentrate on the floor. Nothing impresses in a hallway like a wooden floor. The beauty of natural wood has a marked effect on people, and in your hall it will affect everybody who comes to your doorway. A well laid and maintained floor, with a gleaming finish, can have visitors gasping in appreciation.  No matter where else they go in your home, guests will remember your hall in a good light. This is one way to make sure that all your guests have the impression that you want them to have.

You could start this impression making at the boundary of your property or garden. However, I have concentrated on the building with these tips, and that is because experience has shown me that this is where the real impression starts to be made. If you look after these 3 things then your visitors cannot fail to have a great first impression.

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