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3 Reasons Why Your Kitchen May Actually Be Great For Wood Flooring

Most people would argue against the use of wood flooring alternatives in the kitchen. The argument is actually very convincing considering that there is a lot of traffic in the kitchen as well as the possibility of many spills that could involve food or water. But is this really all that matters? Your kitchen is a central location in your house in the sense that it will dictate not only the value but also the overall style of your house. So if you are creating a custom home with a personal touch to its overall style, then you should not even be listening to these arguments. A personal touch is all about defying the odds, that is, by making informed choices. Here are three justifications for installing wood flooring in the kitchen.

Water damage can be avoided


Water is practically unavoidable in the kitchen, and this means you can always expect a spill at one point or the next. But this risk is not unique to the kitchen only. You could spill a glass of water on your bedroom or living floor as well. This means you will have to deal with a wet spill in your kitchen in the same way you deal with spills in other parts of the house. And by this, I mean you should clean it up immediately. You may not be able to prevent spills, but you can stop them from damaging your floors by acting promptly. With this in mind, you should be able to keep the wood flooring in your kitchen as perfect as it will be in the rest of the house.

Managing the effects of too much traffic

So, your kitchen floor is more prone to wear due to the high amount of traffic. This is very understandable considering how many times you can go into the kitchen in one day. But you do move around your house too, so you could just exert as much pressure on your living room, your bedroom, your study or even the den. Your basement and attic are probably the only rooms that you can afford to keep away from for most of the time. In order to manage the effect of traffic on your wood flooring, consider looking for wood flooring that has a lower sheen and a vintage or rustic look. Generally, stay away from the dark sheens that show all their scratches and dents.

You will need floor consistency if you have an open plan kitchen

If you are looking to have an open plan kitchen in order to enjoy the feeling of space and a modern design, you will want to have the same floor in your kitchen as your living room. This means that installing something else is not really an option. The difference will undermine the impeccable design of your home. Also, it could be a tripping hazard since the two floors may not be able to create a seamless transition. Consistency here also means that you get to enjoy the designer feeling that comes with continuity in your home design. And a designer feeling is always a good thing in this context, especially if it is affordable.

People have a way of making things sound convincing, but if you scratch below the surface, you will find that they could be wrong. In this case, your kitchen is just as important as the rest of your home. So when it comes to flooring, do not be limited by misguided presumptions. Find out more by visiting a credible wood flooring showroom in Mississauga before you rule out the option of wood flooring for your amazing kitchen.

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