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5 Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options For The Green Homeowner

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” says the great Mahatma Gandhi and this apparently simple sentence holds a lot of truth and deep meanings. In order to really make a big change in today’s world, every single citizen should start doing something today. For example, protecting the planet and living a healthier life is not that difficult if everyone starts using more environmentally friendly products and reduces the carbon footprint.

If you are going to renovate your house in the near future then you might want to opt for different types of flooring options which will save you more money in the long run and which will be more eco-friendly. Here are a couple of flooring options you might be interested in.

1. Linoleum.

For heavy-duty purposes, linoleum is excellent and it has a pretty design as well. What makes this flooring option so special is the fact that it can resist fire and water successfully, so you will have more peace of mind every day. Just pick up your favorite model and the interior design of your house will be transformed.

2. Bamboo flooring.


Bamboo has been successfully used in Asia for many years as construction material and it slowly becomes popular in the entire world as well. Basically, if you want something very durable and visually pleasing, bamboo flooring is your best choice. It adds uniqueness to your property and makes it look very inviting and warm.

3. Cork.

In a similar fashion, cork is available in many finishes and it will “Wow!” your guests when they will visit your house. This is an eco-friendly alternative simply because it is a quickly renewable source and it is available in plenty of quantities.

4. Glass tiles.

If you don’t really like to do cleaning operations on a regular basis and you want a durable flooring option then glass is your answer. That is because this type of floor doesn’t require much maintenance and it will not catch mold and mildew either. Also, a lot of designs are available to choose from as well. This flooring option is resulted from recycled glass so you will have a clean conscious knowing that you did something in order to protect the planet.

5. Concrete.

One of the toughest flooring options available on the market today, concrete is really unbeatable when it comes to environmentally friendliness. Once installed, you will never need to replace it. Also, there is more good news: concrete can be stained these days and the results are quite satisfying as well. You can go for a multicolored design which will add personality and character to your house or commercial building.

Consider these flooring options, set a budget and go shopping. Don’t forget to request the advice of an expert if it is necessary. We can help you in this regard by providing you with top notch flooring options at affordable prices. All that you have to do is to give us a call and we will discuss about your preferences and needs at length.

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