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6 Possible Reasons Why Your Bamboo Flooring Has Warped

Bamboo flooring may mimic all the properties of a wooden surface like behavior and aesthetics, but it’s important to understand that it’s a renewed hard grass that acquires such properties through drying and maturing. As such, they are susceptible to warping, especially if exposed to improper installation, environmental elements like humidity and accidents. Understanding some of the reasons why your bamboo flooring may warp is important to help take preventative measures. That said, here are 6 possible reasons why your bamboo flooring in Mississauga may warp.


Liquid spillage of floor surface

Like other wood surfaces, spillage of liquids on bamboo floors can lead to localized warping. This is regardless of whether you spill hot cocoa, overflowing water or spilt soup. Spilt liquid should be wiped quickly and the affected area cleaned quickly to avoid warping. Start by ensuring that all the excess liquid is soaked up in a cloth. In sensitive cases like a flooded basement, it’s best to call in professional floor care and maintenance companies. They will clean up the mess helping you last longer. It will also help prevent issues in future.

Failure to cure adhesives before utilization

It may not seem like a possibility, but contractors often forget to cure an adhesive before utilizing it. Worse, the incorrect amount of adhesive is sometimes used. Both of the above allow humidity to penetrate the space between the subfloor and bamboo flooring, leading to warping. The same can also occur if the installer disregards the manufacturer’s instructions on adhesive use or using the wrong type of adhesive. To avoid warping of your floor, ensure that the contractor adheres to manufacturer’s instructions and that the adhesive is cured properly before use. Go for a specialized flooring company that will take extra caution when handling adhesive during installation of your bamboo floor.

Nonexistent or insufficient acclimatization process

Every professional floor installer knows that acclimatization of bamboo floors is important. The process should take three to seven days and serves to help wood floors, adjust to the new environmental conditions, especially change in temperature and humidity levels. Unfortunately, this part of the process is often ignored, especially in the case of DIY installations. It’s important to understand that if your bamboo floor is not given enough time to acclimatize, or it’s not acclimatized at all, there’s a good chance that it will warp in the future. This is because the bamboo floor will not be able to handle the change in humidity levels.

Improper preparation of the floor’s substrate

Again, the manufacturer’s instructions are important. When it comes to preparation of the floor’s substrate, adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer, especially if you are dealing with concrete subfloors. Otherwise, warping may be triggered by humidity trapped between the floor and subfloor.

Excess humidity levels

Warping is directly triggered by changes in humidity levels. Sometimes, even when a bamboo floor was properly acclimatized, humidity levels in the atmosphere of a room shoot up causing the floors to expand and eventually warp. Extremely low humidity levels can also trigger warping of bamboo floors. Both of the above factors lead to irregular expansion and contraction that the floor may not be able to withstand, thus triggering warping.

Failure to account for expansion of planks during installation

During installation, gaps should be left between floor planks to give room for expansion. Gaps should also be left between the planks and walls as well as other vertical spaces. The dimensions of the gaps are usually specified by the manufacturer. If not, use the rule of the thumb which basically states that gaps should not exceed ¼ inches.

Warping can ruin the aesthetic value of bamboo floors and to combat this, take the above into account during and after installation.

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