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Are You Going For Pet Friendly Wooden Floors?

Your floor and roofing options have one thing in common. You just have to think hard about them to make the best buy from the best brands since they are meant to last a long time. That explains why engaging flooring specialists when building or remodeling your home is always recommended. Let’s start with thinking about your choice of wood flooring materials. When you are a pet owner, you should think whether the material you wish to go for is pet-friendly or not. Ideally, you will want to go for an option that can easily resist abrasion from your pets’ nails and last for long. That means choosing wisely from the wide range of wooden flooring options available in the market.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are perhaps the most common floors in today’s market. Homeowners love them for the simple fact that they are durable, easy to maintain and pocket friendly. Unfortunately, not all hardwood floors are pet friendly. Pet urine can easily stain most hardwoods and leave stains accompanied by odors. Some stains could be stubborn enough to force you to remove, strip or sand the floor.

Then there is the water bowl problem. Pets like cats and dogs are naturally playful. It gets worse when you are feeding them. You can therefore imagine what will happen to your floor when they are drinking from their water bowl. They will spill some water on the floor, something which is certainly bad for wooden floors because of the moisture it will create. If unnoticed, the amount of moisture from the spilled water will soak into the wood and cause chipping.

So just what should you do if it happens that you want the best of both worlds? That is, you want to keep your pet and still maintain your hardwood floors? There are several options. First off, you can trip your pets’ nails to prevent their sharpness from damaging your floor. You can also consider coating your hardwood floor with urethane for easy maintenance. Urethane, as you will find out, can make your floor easier to maintain. It will also prevent it from absorbing moisture from spills which often cause stains.

Laminate flooring


Nearly all laminate flooring options available today are hard and as you may have already been told, durable. There is a downside though when it comes to pets. The flooring option often makes it hard for pets to move. They can slide and slip on floor with ease. Such kind of movement causes their hips to move in unnatural ways. Before long, your pets, especially dogs will sustain back injuries. There is an easy solution to this. Go for laminate flooring options with textured or embossed finish. You can also consider placing rugs on strategic places where your pets often spend much of their time.

Bamboo flooring

Put bamboo flooring options on the same lane with other flooring options how effective the options are when it comes to pets and bamboo will certainly take the medal. Bamboo is simply harder than all the other hardwood floors available. But that’s not what makes it ideal for homes with pests. Its stain resistant ability combined with its sturdiness makes it stand out. You can have the floor just about anywhere where high traffic is the norm. You won’t have to worry about abrasion or cleaning. That’s because bamboo is one of the most abrasive free and durable flooring options today. It is also an eco friendly option.


Just like bamboo flooring, cork is eco friendly. That is however, not the only feature that makes it stand out. Cork boasts of antimicrobial properties. That means it can resist growth or mold and other life threatening allergens that can take a toll on the health of your pets. Cork also absorbs sound, making it ideal for homes with noisy pets. Lastly, cork is scratch resistant, a property envied by many pet owners as far as flooring is concerned.

Flooring options other than wood

There are of course, so many other flooring options you can go for if you have pets around such as ceramic tiles and granite floors. You are not just limited by wooden floor options. So consider what each floor has to offer, and then weigh the upside and the flipside of each option.

What you have to remember

Always remember that even the best floors always call for some form of care and maintenance. It gets worse where one has two or more pets. Watch out for spills then wipe them off immediately you notice them. Spill, as any flooring expert will tell you, can damage just about any floor. Remember to also clean your floors regularly. Then while at it, keep in mind that it is not just about the health of your pets but also about the health of your loved ones as well!

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