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Cork Flooring – Be Wowed By Its Benefits!

When choosing floor types for a new home, most people often stick to the mainstream floor types such das concrete or wood. Most people don’t consider using materials such as cork for their floor because they don’t know much about them. However, the fact of the matter is that there are numerous benefits for using this kind of floor. Some of these include:


It’s environmentally friendly

Most other kinds of floor materials are made in such a manner that they do damage to the environment. This means that if you are interested in conserving the environment, it might not be a good idea to use some of them. One of the benefits of using cork is that it does not suffer from this drawback. Cork is simply bark stripped from trees. After this is done, the bark normally grows back after some time. This means that when you use this kind of flooring, you will not have to worry about doing much damage to the environment.

It has excellent soundproofing characteristics

In addition to that, one other reason why you should consider getting a cork floor is that it’s very effective at damping sound in a room. This makes it useful in any room where a reduction in echoes is a good idea. For instance, when you are designing a multimedia room in the house, you could decide to use a cork floor to make it more effective at providing the best multimedia experience.

Cork can be installed on an uneven surface

When you have uneven surfaces, it becomes very difficult to install other kinds of floors. For instance, if you are thinking of getting a marble floor, you would need to spend a lot of money evening the surface out first. This makes it easier to lay down the floor, and also reduces the risk of damage such as formation of cracks.

However, when you get a cork floor, this is not something you need to be worried about. Well, the fact that cork is very flexible means that it’s very easy to be installed on any such kind of surface, so you need not spend a lot of money preparing it beforehand.

Cork provides insulation

Most people these days are keen on reducing how much money they spend on heating. By getting a cork floor, you would get this done very easily. This is because cork retains heat very well, which means that you would not need to spend a lot to keep the house warm.

You can have it installed on other floor types

If you have an existing floor, you don’t need to get rid of it in order to install a cork floor. This is usually very expensive and sometimes inconvenient. The good thing about cork floor is that they can be installed over any other previous floor type, so this is an issue you need not worry about.

In summary, the next time you are thinking of getting a new floor, you should consider getting one made of cork. Though it might not be known by many, it certainly has many merits that make it an ideal floor type in many different scenarios.

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