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Creating An Impressive Modern Home Design With Hardwood Flooring

If you’ve been paying attention to the developments in interior designs, you may have noticed the growing fascination with modern home designs. A modern home is considered to be created on the concepts of simplicity, functionality and for most people, personality. These home designs are put together with so many considerations, with the most primal ones being functionality, aesthetic appeal and sustainability. Coincidentally, these are the exact attributes that I would give a hardwood floor. This is probably why hardwood flooring seems to be gaining popularity as a flooring solution. To get the best out of it, however, you will need to do, think about a few things.

First and foremost, consider the lighting


Adequate lighting in a modern home design does not just imply having a few light bulbs to allow you to see when it’s dark. Modern homes are expected to embrace nature and one thing that nature is known to have in abundance is lighting. A modern home basically needs to be as bright as day during the day. And while you could go for a lot of artificial lighting solutions, an allowance for natural light is actually a better idea.

This means you’ll need to incorporate glass walls or very large windows into your design. Having some skylights and solar tubes is not a bad idea either. So when it comes to the flooring, make sure you choose something that will actually work well with all that lighting. Bold versions with rich colors are likely to work best here.

Combine sustainability with some bright accents for that fun earthy look

A modern home design considers the overall costs of maintaining a good looking home. This is why these designs pay a lot of attention to the concept of sustainability. And when talking about sustainability, nature is the ultimate expert. This is why you need to pay attention to natural materials that are more likely to last longer. They are also relatively cheaper owing to the limited processing that they have to undergo.

So now you know why most modern home designs are suing wood flooring. As for the bright accents, you may notice that natural materials look better when incorporated with a generally cheerful color scheme. In fact, most experts in the industry are emphasizing on an outdoorsy look when it comes to picking your colors. This will enable you to create a natural look that is not really boring.

A little discretion will go a long way

Something that you may have also noticed is that there are barely any wires in a modern home design. Whether it is at the entertainment enter or the lighting system, everything looks very wireless. Well, you do not have to spend all of your savings on some new wireless technology that you haven’t heard of just yet. These systems have wires, but the home design enables the wires to stay hidden at all times. You could use your walls and the floor to hide the wiring, but if it is too late for you consider using the décor. A painting, a rug, a flower vase or even a sofa could work depending on what you are hiding. Here, you’ll just have to get creative.

You must love your art

A modern home design would also be incomplete without art. And while you may not have to buy a Picasso or a DA Vinci, consider metallic décor pieces or simple wall hangings that appeal to your artistic senses. Remember to be modest though. The last thing you want to do here is to create an art gallery instead of a warm and cozy home.

Well, now you are ready to create that modern home. You should, however, consider stopping by a hardwood flooring showroom in Mississauga for more inspiration as well as to know your hardwood flooring options before making up your mind.

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