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Design Tips For A Shiny Hardwood Floor

Like a pair of Louboutin shoes, having a stylish hardwood floor is a symbol of good home décor taste. A beautiful floor is also forms the background of the décor of every home and they are able to last for a lifetime. It’s therefore understandable that a homeowner would want to showcase their hardwood flooring in Milton. The hard part comes when one has to decide on the style options that will make their floors stand out. Fortunately, there are simple ways that homeowners can use to achieve that and these include:

Keep your furniture classy

Giving the room a classy look can go a long way in highlighting your shiny floors. Sectional sofas are popular among homeowners, but midcentury modern armchairs and traditional Knole sofas work even better. Get to your roots to create a timeless home décor. If going for traditional design, use furniture and colors that are sure to make a lasting impression like wide plank oak floors. They will blend in perfectly, creating an almost spa-like décor.

Choose your window treatments carefully


It may not seem like it, but the right window treatment can go a long way in enhancing the look of your shiny hardwood floor. They also protect floors from damage by excess sunlight. Options that you can consider for window treatments for your home include:

• Wood blinds with the same shade of color as the floor will create a dramatic impact

• Classy drapes hanging from the ceiling to just an inch above the floor give the room a tailored look

• Simple solar shades will help protect your floors and furniture from UV damage while giving your room a clean, modern design

• Allowing extra length so that the drapes pool on the floor creates a luxurious, relaxing and comfortable appeal

• White drapes in a room with dark wood floor help create a romantic atmosphere

Match the baseboard and trim

A common misconception among homeowners is that if wood floors are going to be the highlight of the home, the baseboard, trim and any other woodwork should match. But as you will realize, that can be challenging. Even the same stain is used for all woodwork, the fact that wood floors are subjected to different milling and sanding techniques. This affects how well the stain takes to the wood. To avoid such aggravation, use the flooring as an independent piece of art. That way, it becomes easier to use the trim as a contemporary design element. It’s an easier way to match the baseboard and the trim, thus creating a contemporary design in the room.

Float furniture on an accent rug

However much you love your wide plank floors, you can agree that an area rug can make your floors pop. While it serves to protect your floors from direct sunlight as well as wear and tear, an area rug is also a great way to tie the color palette of the room together. Area rugs also create a cozy feel in a room by creating intentional spaces for comfort.

Whenever possible, homeowners can float furniture in the middle of the room and place a large accent rug underneath it. Better yet, group your furniture in the middle of the room to create a spacious appeal. This is because it creates room in the outer perimeter for people to move back and forth. If using an accent rug, allow at least 2ft space between the wall and the edge of the floor. This design concept is especially useful if you have an open floor plan as it makes the sitting area feel more intimate.

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