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Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks for Wood Floors

Wood floors are timeless pieces that look uber stylish and elegant in homes. Moreover, they provide additional comfort and value to your properties. However, just like other house components, wood floors age as time passes by. They undergo extreme wear and tear and even get damage with the course of time. The things get rougher with kids and pets around the home.

Having said that, proper care and maintenance of wood floors are vital if you want them to look beautiful and stand the test of time. Apart from routine cleanings such as sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming, you have to observe a few preventive measures so as to enhance the performance and sustainability of the floor.

Consider the following maintenance tips to protect your investment:

Cleaning Wood Floors

  • Regular Dusting

A great advantage of having wood floors in your home is that they don’t trap dirt, pet hair or other household allergens like carpets. However, they do require dusting on a daily basis. Experts recommend using microfiber mop pads instead of using a broom. It is because sweeping can at times causes scratches and damage to the floor.

  • Vacuuming

Other than the dusting, using a vacuum with soft-bristled floor-brush attachment once a week helps you get rid of the debris that leads to quick abrasions on the floor. But you should keep a close eye on the vacuum’s wheels, as they can harm the surface if you don’t pay enough attention. Besides, avoid a vacuum with a beater bar attachment at all costs because it directly impacts the finish of the floor.

  • Damp Mopping

Sometimes dusting and vacuuming aren’t just enough, especially when you encounter frequent liquid spills. Having any kind of liquid pooling on your floor can deteriorate the floor immensely. Thus, it is essential that you clean up the spills immediately with a damp flat mop and a cleaning solution made specifically for hardwood.

Maintaining Wood Floors

  • Using Protective Rugs

Laying mats and rugs can drastically reduce the amount of depreciation your hardwood floors go through. Positioning them in high-traffic areas prevents debris build-up, denting and other sorts of surface damage. Using additional mats by the kitchen sink acts as a moisture barrier and in the living room becomes the protectors to furniture, hence reducing the wear down of the floor.

  • Polishing

Generally, the wood floors are given polyurethane surface finishes as means of protection and maintain a glossy shine. But the heavy footfall in your home eventually leaves visible scratches and makes the surface look dull. Polishing your floor every two to three months refreshes the appearance of the floor by bringing back its lost shine.

  • Refinishing

Recoating every three to five years is another great hack to revive your wood floor. This process involves applying an entirely new coat of wood finish on your current floor. It may get little expensive but the kind of look it generates is worth the money.

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