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Few Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

The interiors of your home can say a lot about your lifestyle. When we can finally afford to buy the dream house for ourselves, every other aspect of living in it should be perfect from the floor to the linen to furniture and finish. And we are also fully aware of the growing numbers of interior designers who charge you an astronomical amount for putting in a dash of class, sophistication and modernity in your apartment. There are various types of furniture and decorating pieces available in the market ranging from vintage to abstract, but the catch is to bring in all the eclectic pieces and arrange them in a way such that they fit in harmoniously. A major aspect related to interior decoration is the flooring. There are a variety of different materials available to be used as the flooring of your house, such as Linoleum, hardwood, concrete, cork, marble, laminate, carpeting, ceramic and many more. All of these materials are perfect for the floors of your house, and it is completely your decision as to which one you want. But before you start eliminating the materials merely based on the price range, take a moment to compare the pros and cons of all, and also take into consideration the long term effects of each of the material along with maintenance charges and replacement issues.
Hardwood is one such glorious material which also turns out to be one of the first few materials that people choose to overlook just because it is expensive. But before you do that, you need to consider the benefit of this material which does not only look extremely classy and elegant but it also has certain features which will definitely change your mind about not choosing it in the first place. Therefore, here is a list of benefits that accompany the installing of hardwood floors:

1. Installing hardwood floors improves the value of your home drastically:
This is a true fact. Installing hardwood floors have always increased the value of the house or apartment by a huge margin. This type of flooring lasts throughout for decades on end with proper maintenance and care. These boards start looking better with age, and therefore if you apply for evaluation, the value of your property will keep increasing not only because of the property price hike but also because of the hardwood floors. They ooze class and sophistication and charm.

2. Can be refinished once it starts looking bad:
Carpets can be replaced or thrown out when they get stained or get old. The similar thing has to be done with vinyl floors when they crack; they need to be replaced. However, hardwood floors can always be refinished after which it starts looking brand new. Therefore, the question of replacement does not arise at any point. Due to moving furniture various gouges appear on the floor which can easily be taken care of by removing the wax strip off and then sanding it with sandpaper to remove all the scars and scratches. This is followed by the varnish and after applying which the floor will be as good as new again.

3. Hardwood flooring is easy to keep clean:
The only two pieces of equipment required to keep the hardwood flooring clean are a mop and a broom to get all the debris and the dust off. All you need to do is mop the floor and you are good to go. However, cleaning other flooring materials such as marble requires more patience and perseverance. The small grout has to be cleaned regularly with a separate small brush to ensure that it is clean; just mopping will not help. Laminate flooring is another big problem, since using a wet mop may warp the composite boards. And carpets have to be vacuumed, cleaned and shampooed to be kept in proper condition. Therefore, hardwood flooring is a much better option.

4. Hardwood flooring is pet friendly:
We all know the kind of floor pets require are the ones on which their paws can get a good grip. That does not happen with marble flooring since they keep slipping on the surface. If your pet suffers an accident then it can be easily wiped off from the hardwood floors, but getting it off a carpet is impossible. Therefore, they are good for your pets also.

Therefore, please do not decide the flooring based on the current price of the material because it will last you through decades unlike the marbles which crack, carpet which gets worn out with time, laminate floors whose boards can be easily warped when it comes in touch with water. Therefore these are the reasons why hardwood floors should be installed. This will also save you money from maintenance and redoing the floors all over again.

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