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Five Smart Flooring Tips for Small Rooms

If you have ever spent your time in a studio apartment or dormitory, you would have felt the exact difference between a cozy and suffocating place. Usually, it is a problem with every tiny room you come across. But do you know it is not always because of the actual constrained size but due to poor d├ęcor choices that you feel cramped in small rooms?

Fortunately, there are several elements, such as recessed lighting, light wall colors, mirrors, and glass tables that can make your current spaces appear more open and expansive. However, it is the kind of flooring you pick that plays the most prominent role. Whether you choose carpet, tile, hardwood or vinyl, a well-thought choice can help you add the appropriate aesthetics and maximize the space.

So, if you are looking for the perfect flooring for those small nooks of your home, here are five smart tips to help you:

  1. Choose Lighter Hues

Everyone knows that pale and light colors on the walls make the room appear bigger and brighter. The same rule applies to the color of flooring you select. Light and airy tones such as ivory, cream, or beige in carpets add elegance and openness to the space provided they are stain-resistant.

Blue, teal, and earthy tones in tiles give uplifting vibes. Blonde, light brown and whitewashed options in wood also do the same trick.

  1. Use Elongated Planks

In case, you have decided to go for laminate or hardwood flooring, install the planks parallel with the longest dimension of the room. That way, you will be able to create a lengthening effect and make the room look larger than it is.

So, pick longer wooden planks for family and dining room and skip on those smaller and thinner options that can create a feeling of claustrophobia.

  1. Prefer Gloss Over Matte

Another trick to achieve a larger visual appearance of your tiny room is to get glossy finishes for flooring rather than matte texture. Non-shiny floors tend to create a subduing and compact effect while the satin finish of glossy floors gives a brightening effect to even the gloomiest rooms.

Besides, it is easier to clean and maintain the glossy floors in comparison to mattes; hence, you can keep them looking new forever.

  1. Avoid Intricate Patterns

Flooring with lots of detailing draws the eye straightaway towards it and give a cluttering effect to the room. Due to this reason, it is best to avoid the usage of finely detailed floors in your tiny areas.

Instead, search your flooring store for geometric styles with big design elements to allow the eyes flow smoothly around the space.

  1. Consult a Flooring Specialist

While it is tricky to choose a suitable type of flooring for your small spaces, you can look for inspirations online or contact a flooring professional who can give you creative solutions to all problems after considering the design elements of your home.

If you want more information and flooring advice, contact our qualified experts at any time.

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