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Getting Cork Flooring For The Baby’s Room?


Are you preparing the bedroom for the baby you are expecting? Well, you must really be excited in doing so. Well, one of the things that you would have to be concerned with is the flooring. For a baby’s room, it is advised that you consider having a cork floor. Now, how can a cork floor be beneficial for a baby’s room?

• Eliminates noise – A baby has to sleep a lot. Usually, babies sleep up to more than fifteen hours in a day. You would not want the sleep of your baby to be interrupted, do you? Well, the good thing about cork flooring is that it helps a lot in absorbing noise. Thus, it is the perfect flooring option for infants who want to sleep in peace.

• Resists mold and mildew – The room of your baby should have a clean air. Cork flooring can help contribute in achieving healthy indoor air. This is because it is a type of flooring that resists mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are known to excrete very small particles that pollute the air. But you do not need to worry about these if you have a cork floor.

• Very soft to crawl on – Babies usually start crawling after six months. Of course, you would want your baby to crawl on soft and very comfortable floor. Cork flooring is soft. If you step on it, it would simply get back to its place once you lift your foot. It is not a surprise why it is one of the top flooring choices when it comes to baby rooms, nurseries, and even play areas.

• Beautiful-looking – Also important is for your flooring to be aesthetically beneficial. You would want your baby to grow up in a beautiful room do you? Cork flooring has more than just the typical cork board look. In fact, cork floors are very versatile when it comes to designs. Not only are they available in various colors but they are also available in plank or tile styles.

• Very affordable – Decorating the room of your baby can be quite costly. For instance, you have to use non-toxic paint instead of the cheaper, regular one. You would also have to make sure that there are no sharp corners inside the room. You must also seal all the electrical outlets that might cause harm to your crawling baby in the future. Well, decoration costs would be more bearable if you go for cork flooring. It is one of the least costly flooring options you can benefit from.

• Lasts for a long time – Most importantly, cork floors last for a very long time. They do not get scratched or damaged easily. They are even resistant to fire. You can watch your baby grow to adulthood without having to worry about replacing your cork floor. It is because of this that investing on cork floors is a good idea.

Aspen Wood Floors LTD. specializes in providing high quality cork floors to our clients since 1995. We can help you have that perfect cork flooring for your baby’s room. Contact us now!

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