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Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Buying Secrets Revealed

There’s absolutely nothing worse than trying to get a quote or make a purchase, only to find it damaged and have to remedy it through the store. Yes I am talking of hardwood/laminate flooring. Let’s discuss later on this topic and right now, let us discuss what are the right things to enquire about when buying at a local retail store to bring your costs down as far as laminate hardwood or floor tiles are concerned.

It is strongly advised visiting a trustworthy local flooring warehouse like Oakville Flooring Warehouse (in Oakville) to ask their advice on different flooring items. Wholesale discount warehouses like these will show the items under the actual real producer label making it much easier to compare savings. Isn’t that part of being a smart shopper and getting the best deal that money can buy? The buying power of this store is incomparable and the services and quality offered are unparalleled.

Thus, as customer, you can be the wise person and keep these following tidbits in mind.

#1. When taking a moonlighting installer, you must be paying no more than 50-60% of the prevailing rate of the flooring warehouse installment rate. When a professional is installing the flooring in your Oakville or Milton (or any other city) home, there will be no finger-pointing if a problem arises after the installation has been completed. There are several different problems that can occur after an install, and you should be aware of all of them.

#2. Use the internet for research. Whether hardwood or laminate flooring, do not leave any stones unturned in getting yourself completely informed. Check out the reviews of the box stores on while you’re at it. Purvchasing, however, off the internet is not something that is recommended. One of the prime reasons is that many of the manufacturers will not warrant products from internet purchases. Also, in such an event, representation for your cause will become a difficult task. Another major issue is damage caused from third-party shippers.

#3. Ask for a bottom line price. You can always mention to the retailer that you do not intend to take any concrete decision; instead you are just comparing and reviewing prices. Be sure to mention that you are not the type of person to flit back and forth and that you would like their bottom line price right from the start.

#4. Take samples home. It is strongly recommended while visiting a good local retail store That you ask for their unbiased opinion on all of their products and, if need be, samples for a few of those. The ones that genuinely interest you and seem to be in your budget can be taken out by you. Once in your home (or elsewhere) you can examine the sample under natural, or even artificial, light in the place where you will be installing it to see whether or not it suits your needs. Independent stores will show the products under the actual true manufacturer label making it much easier to comparison shop. There are many such shops in Oakville, Milton that allow its customers to take back samples as the demand for such products is naturally high in these cities.

#5. What to look for in a laminate floor. First thing’s first, make sure the product is perfectly suited for your needs and like. Almost all laminates today perform extremely well regardless of price. The technology that is in use today is superior to that 5 years ago. The age old glue-together products are non-existent these days; with drop and lock technologies, joint separation is pretty much a thing of the past. The number one enemy of a laminate floor is water. If the laminate is going to get wet, pick another floor. If you are intent on using a high shine laminate, use it in an area which will face minimum wear and tear, and minimum moisture.

#6. What to look for in hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring today has become very popular. The re-introduction of hardwood flooring into the housing scene has caused a massive bandwagon effect, so much so that everyone wants to revert to this. Solid wood/hardwood is great as long as you have a fairly constant humidity level in your home. If your home has large fluctuations in humidity levels, then the wiser option would be to go for an engineered hardwood floor- it is basically a hardwood floor that has plies or turned layers of material in-between a top and bottom layer of the type that you are selecting. The benefits? It gives the product more stability to erratic weather conditions. Engineered flooring is more easy on the pocket as the tree species requirement is less. A concern with this, however, is the material with which the inner core plies are made. While buying make sure a hardwood or hard material has been used to create the inner ply. Soft materials can make the top layer prone to denting.

Keep in mind the above few facts and secrets and no retailer can ever trick you into buying a floor that even the Tom and Jerry cartoons would be proud to have!

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