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How long will Cork Flooring Last?

In this trending era, everyone runs after the best. It doesn’t matters to them whether they are expensive or not, but whatever they get, that should be classy and elegant and of top quality. Flooring for homes are very popular under which cork flooring is listed among the top. Cork floors are becoming a popular alternative to traditional hardwood, tile, and carpeted flooring. One of the benefits of cork flooring is that it provides a nice spring to the floor. What is meant by this is cork provides a spring and give that is not associated with other flooring types. This makes it comfortable and easy to walk on and the cushion it provides is excellent for feet. Some people even use this material as sub flooring, which provides some flexibility and give to hardwood and tile floors.  It also looks fantastic and comes in many different natural tones. This makes it very easy to pair with an existing home decor pattern, or it makes it easy for people to build a fun style around the beautiful looking floors.

Cork flooring is a product made from the bark of the cork oak tree, a material which is ground, processed into sheets and baked in a kiln to produce tiles that serve as flooring for offices, light commercial locations, and residences. Cork flooring is most popularly harvested, manufactured, and sourced in Southern Europe, with Portugal being one of the most prominent regions from which cork comes. This is an area where the cork oak species is plentiful and where hand-harvesting is most practical.

How Long Will Cork Flooring Last?

Cork flooring durability is an issue that many potential buyers wonder about. One of the important considerations with cork flooring durability is what kind of conditions the cork is installed in. The more traffic that the cork flooring has on it, the shorter amount of time it will last. Another factor is how much abuse it takes during its lifespan. Cork floors are durable and normally last longer than real wood floors. Little maintenance is required to keep cork flooring looking good. It is durable enough that it will stand up to normal everyday family major advantage of cork flooring is that it can last a long time without damage by water, however you should still clean up any standing water on cork flooring.It is generally designed to last for an average of 25 years before replacing is considered.

How Can I Make My Cork Floor Last Longer?

If cork flooring is properly maintained it can out last the owner; this requires proper maintenance and cleaning of your cork floor. Stones, gravel and dirt can cause wear and tear if not cleaned removed from the surface for long periods of time. Don’t use any strong cleaners on the floor either; this can actually weaken the properties of the cork. Try to clear obvious mess quickly. Spills can be absorbed with a sponge or paper towel to avoid the possibility of permanent stains. Discoloration of cork floors can occur. This normally happens when cork is exposed to direct sunlight over long periods of time. Overtime cork flooring can also changes colors due to age. This occurs naturally, but it should stay the same color for a long period of time. Better option is to avoid the installation in such areas where direct sunlight falls. Also, heavy objects can cause imprints and damage to this type of flooring. It is also important that heavy items are not dropped onto the cork which can also cause indentation problems. Any soiling on cork flooring should be cleaned up as soon as possible as with any other type of flooring material.

Why Seek Professional Help?

The cost of cork is going to be more than installing most tiles, carpet, or linoleum. So it’s a good option to seek professional help. Since you are already spending a certain amount of money, you will expect good results. Professionally experienced individuals can help you in the installation part. They know how to install it, the materials good for it and they also suggest the colors that will suit your home.  There are many famous manufactures in Toronto and other cities like Oakville that provide service related to cork flooring. They also provide professional individuals for the same. Cork flooring is very useful and advantageous. It is water resistant, sound resistant (often used in some music recording environments), an excellent insulator. Also, it has a long lifespan that is why it is also used in a number of applications. If you properly maintain your cork flooring, it will last long and it also adds an incredible look to your home. However, you may need to repair it if it get stain or get damaged

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