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How to Ensure a Long Life for your Hardwood Floor

With the variety of options available in the market for flooring material in today’s world, it is a rather difficult decision to make while selecting the one for your dream home. Flooring materials range from linoleum, cork flooring, marble, vinyl, concrete, hardwood, carpeted and many more and each of these materials are followed by a list of pros and cons. Some have more positives while others have more negatives. However, while selecting the flooring material we tend to eliminate the ones which are a little more expensive than the rest because of obvious budget constrictions. Hardwood is one such material which is usually immediately eliminated. However many people are unaware of the fact that hardwood flooring actually helps enhance the value of your house since it definitely makes the house look more appealing, classy and sophisticated. These floors are good for pets and they require the most basic cleaning technique compared to the other materials mentioned. But everything needs to be taken care of and therefore even the hardwood flooring requires regular upkeep. As long as you manage to maintain a regular cleaning schedule it will be resistant to staining or spilling, and the stains will not hold. There are a number of ways by which you can protect your floors from being dirty and damaged. They are as follows:

Regular cleaning is a necessity:
Hardwood floors need to be cleaned regularly. You have to make it a point to clean the floors at least once a week. The person who is responsible for installing the flooring material is supposed to give you the name of any one solution to clean the floors with. Especially if any liquid is seen to fall on the floor you should immediately wipe it up with a soft cloth and spill some of the cleaning liquid and softly rub it off.  The liquid should not be allowed to be absorbed by the wood floorings unless you want stains all over the floors. You can vacuum, sweep and dust regularly to maintain the shine on the floor and eliminate the dullness. Dust and dirt can always leave scratches on the finish therefore it is very important to clean the floors regularly. However, oil based polish or wax or any chemical abrasive is not suitable for such floors. Scouring powder and steel wool are also not advisable since they will leave scratches on the floor. Also using wet mops, or scrubbing the floors with soap may result in the warping of the boards and can also cause de-lamination or swelling. In case you are faced with removing a piece of gum or candle wax then all you need to do is use a piece of ice and hold it on the area then just use a plastic scraper to remove it from the floor. These are the basic pointers you need to know about for cleaning the hardwood floors.

Mats prevent dirt and dust from damaging the floors:
To help protect your hardwood floors you need to have mats at all the doors so that when someone enters the room all the dust, grit, dirt gets caught in the mat and does not hamper your floors. But at the same time you have to make sure that you do not use mats made of rubber or foam since those particles can cause discoloration of the floors. Instead you can use vinyl mats to help prevent slippage.

Furniture protectors are required to prevent damage:
Any piece of furniture is bound to cause scratches on the floors especially when they are heavy they cause dents and are completely capable of damaging the floors. Therefore it is important to keep the furniture on load bearing bases or protectors to minimize the damage caused by heavy furniture. The heavier the furniture, the wider should be the protector. You also need to make sure that you re arrange the furniture and rugs of the room so that the hardwood can age out evenly. You need the wood to breathe to remain in good condition otherwise it will end up looking dull and damaged.

Indoor humidity has to be controlled at all times:
Humidity is somewhat dangerous and it is bound to affect the hardwood floors. They can quicken the damage process by causing warping to occur. Therefore it is absolutely mandatory for you to maintain the humidity at about 35-55.Even when the temperature outside is hot humidity has to be controlled within the house which can only be done by a humidifier. A humidifier will help prevent excess damage due to shrinkage.

Therefore, now that you know the ways in which to conserve those expensive floors, it is best you start applying them once a week just to ensure that they stay shiny and clean without a hint of dullness or damage.

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