How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Premature Wear And Tear

Hardwood flooring in Burlington are excellent for adding unique aesthetic elements to a room. These floors offer a better alternative to carpets since they are cleaner and require less maintenance. However, there are certain steps you should take to ensure that your floor is always sparkling and looking its best. By taking just a few measures, you can get a lifetime of value from your real wood floors.

Use Floor Mats

Your floor should have an even amount of wear. Due to the increased foot traffic along entryways and hallways, the floor in these areas tends to age more quickly. You can protect these areas of your flooring from premature wear and tear by strategically placing doormats. An area rug is a great accessory to your living room area as it adds both style and protection.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Quality real wood floors can handle a few spills, but they do not cope very well with standing water. Prolonged exposure to liquid may cause warping in real wood. The water may make its way into a crack consequently undermining the integrity of the wood. Ensure that you always have a cloth or mop ready for dealing with spillages immediately when they occur.

Managing Furniture On Hardwood Floors

Consider what the best place to put your furniture when your room has real wood floors is. Frequently moving your furniture greatly increases the chances of damage to your floor. If you have to move the furniture, you should lift rather than drag it. You should also use protective coverings on the feet of your furniture to prevent it from scratching the floor.

Protect From The Sun

Direct sunlight causes discoloration of real wood flooring in the long run. You should, therefore, close curtains and blinds to prevent direct sunlight from reaching your wooden floors. Strategically positioning your furniture can also protect your real wood floors from the premature fading usually associated with direct sunlight.

Stop Water Damage In Its Tracks

Apart from scratches, water damage and staining can also ruin the appearance of your hardwood floor and cause the boards to buckle and warp. Water damage and staining are very dangerous especially around doors, sinks and where food is prepared and eaten.

Refresh The Coating

Fully refinishing your real wood floor requires removing the old coating and a team of professionals will best do this for you. Renewing the finish is relatively easy. You simply lightly sand the floor and add a fresh coat of polyurethane. To maintain the health and longevity of your floor, you should ensure that you refresh the finish every few years. When you take good care of your floor, you may never have to refinish it entirely.

Choose Suitable Tools For Cleaning Your Wood Floors

According to flooring experts, you should vacuum your floors every week especially if you have a busy family or are a pet owner. Vacuuming is just as important for hardwood floors as it is for carpets since it gets rid of dust and dirt particles that can damage the appearance of your floor over time. It helps prolong the durability of your hardwood’s floor finish. When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, you should ensure that it does not have hard components that will damage your floors.

Before putting anything on your wooden floor, you should ensure that it won’t cause irreversible damage to your floor. For instance, when you buy a floor cleaner, you should first test it on a small portion of the flooring. The area should not be in an open place in case of damage or staining. You can save thousands by choosing suitable cleaning tools. Avoid all- purpose cleaners and hard surface cleaners. These chemicals tend to drab finishes and leave residue build up on wooden floors. Such cleaners might also contain bleach which may make your floor’s appearance less appealing.

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