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How To Take Care Of Your Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is in much vogue these days due to its durability and vintage look. Many new architects are using bamboo flooring in houses to avoid allergies from rugs and carpets. Surprisingly, bamboo is not a type of trees but it is a special type of grass which grows up to 80 feet tall plant in five to six years. Due to its unique texture, color and durability, modern dwellers are inclining towards it. Unlike hardwood trees, bamboos can be damaged easily. Bamboo floors are delicate in nature. Therefore, bamboo flooring needs special cleaning and care regime.

There are five thumb rules to follow for bamboo floor cleaning:

• No spill

• No scratch

• No sunlight

• No soap with oils

• No steam cleaning

General care tips for bamboo flooring


• Do not use vacuum with beater bar instead use soft dust mop for everyday cleaning purposes of bamboo floor

• Keep in mind that sunlight can fade the color of the floor so always put drapes and curtains to avoid excessive sunlight coming in the room

• Ultraviolet rays in the sunlight will darken the original color of the wood thus make it tainted and dull appearance

• If you have to place some heavy furniture in the room then use protector pads underneath the furniture to avoid scratches

• Make sure you have light weight furniture and you always use wheels to move it rather than sliding it on the floor. Furthermore, make sure the wheels are hardened plastic casters at least 2 inches in width depending on the weight of the furniture

• Keep changing position of your furniture from time to time so that bamboos are not worn out over time but all space will be used equally

• Clean your floor with microfiber mop which is specially designed to clean wooden floors. There are some cleaners available in the market as well which you can purchase. You can apply on the floor and wipe it off immediately

• For long lasting shine and durability of the bamboo floors, always maintain relative humidity in the house. For this purpose, use dehumidifier or humidifier to get humidity for at least 30 to 50 percent which will help moisten the wood and help to minimize cracks between the boards

• If you create excessive humid environment in the room then boards will swell. Likewise, if there will be less humidity then boards will shrink with the passage of time. So make sure you have required humidity for the wellbeing of your floors

• Do not use compounds which contain abrasives on the floor. Moreover, never use powder, detergents, and strong chemicals on your floor

• The floor is like living being so treat it with care so it can last for years. If you have kids at home then teach them not to spill fizzy drinks on the floor because it cannot be cleaned easily

• Put floor mats on every door of your house so no extra dirt can enter in the house. Moreover, if you have pets especially cats make sure their claws are not long as it can cause scratches on the floor which will never go away

• Bamboo floors usually do not need accessories but if you have to put area rugs then use colorfast and non-scratch textures and shake them and wash them frequently

• You can use vacuum cleaner once in two months for wholesome cleaning of the floor

• Put soft textured mats at the doors of your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room too

• Never spill excessive water on the floors as it can seep inside the wood, and make it swell later on. Moreover, never use such cleaning products which contain oily soap residue

How to refinish and restore the bamboo floors

Bamboo flooring needs restoration after few years to make it renew and relive once again. For the prevention of scratches and gouges the best option is board replacement technique. But if it is not possible then there is a product called wood-solv fill sticks. They are substitute for board replacements. These fillings can protect the floor and remove the scratchy surface and remove dull surface.

Always keep in mind that wax is prohibited on bamboo flooring, therefore any product containing such ingredients must be avoided. Once wax is applied on the floor then only wax can be used for further coating. Urethane cannot be applied on any surface which already has existing wax finish on it. Urethane surfaces show wear patterns over time.

When the intensity of dullness increases on the surface of the floor then it is time for refinishing, resealing and restoring your floor. The refinishing of bamboo flooring is similar to that of hardwood flooring but it requires more effort which pays off in the long run. Note that bamboo floors cannot be sanded because all sticks are glued together.

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