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Learn How To Clean Cork Flooring!


If you are looking for a unique and beautiful floor, cork flooring is a good option. This solid and extremely reliable flooring material can enhance any space. Whether you are choosing flooring for your home or office, cork is a great choice due to its aesthetic qualities and the positive environmental impact that it makes. Cork flooring is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it perfect for any location. It is soft and comfortable underfoot and it requires relatively low maintenance and care.

To make sure that your cork floor continues to look good for a long time, it is important to clean it regularly. Cork flooring requires careful cleaning and proper attention and by following some simple tips, you can enjoy the beautiful look for years to come.

Choosing cleaning materials

The first thing you need to do is to choose the right cleaning equipment for your floor. Some of the materials that you need include a soft-bristled broom, dishwashing soap or a neutral chemical cleaner, a soft-sponge mop and a microfiber cloth. You also need vinegar and Murphy oil soap. Using the right cleaning materials will help to ensure that you clean the surface without causing damage. Harsh detergents or stiff cleaning brushes can damage your floor permanently.

Sweeping and dusting

It is important to sweep and dust your cork floor regularly. Dust on the surface is not only unsightly; it can also cause scuffing that will age your floor. Always use a use a soft bristled broom to sweep or remove the dirt and debris. Sweeping your floor is something that you can do as often as possible depending on your location and the traffic in your home.

Cleaning the floor

Use warm water with a little dishwashing soap or a neutral chemical cleaner. Make sure that you choose a cleaner that is not acidic or basic as these can damage the sealant. Use very little soap to avoid leaving a film on the cork floor after it dries. Using a soft-sponge mop, wipe the floor and make sure that you wring out the excess water before you start. When cleaning cork flooring, too much water will quickly saturate the floor surface causing the joints of the cork flooring to swell. Dry the floor by gently wiping it down using a soft microfiber cloth before allowing it to air dry.

Floor maintenance

Use a small amount of vinegar to clean the cork floor every week. Add the vinegar in a bucket of water and mop your floor carefully. Use Murphy Oil Soap to scrub your floor every six months. After every five or six years, you should refurbish your cork flooring using polyurethane. This is necessary especially for surfaces that experience heavy traffic.

Avoid using commercial products that can be very harmful to cork flooring. The cork’s porous material is highly absorbent and harsh cleaners will easily damage the flooring. It is important to wipe spills immediately when they occur using paper towels. Also, place collection trays under plants and pet bowls to prevent water from ruining the floor.

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