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Popular Flooring Solutions For The Environmentally Conscious Homeowner

Previously, the mention of eco-friendly items brought about either plain or uninteresting images in our minds. However, with the current generation, it’s quite the opposite. This is because you are spoilt for choice in terms of beauty and design. There are various types of eco-flooring options. Cork, linoleum, glass tiles, concrete and wool carpet are some of the most popular.

Wool Carpets

Wool Carpets

Most of us do not like the feeling of cold floors under our feet. For the longest time, carpet has been a solution to this problem in most of our abodes. It is designed in such a way that it is comfortable when you opt to sit or walk on it. It comes in different colours and designs. Despite this, most carpets are made using toxins that have been pointed out as harmful to either our health or the environment in general.

Still, there are options that are environmentally-friendly. Take for instance wool carpet. It is made from a natural resource by whirling it to a thread. This thread is then dipped into different coloured dyes. After that, it is intertwined to come up with a beautiful carpet. Wool has been used for a very long time proving its durability quality.


Cork is a floating substance that is light brown in colour. It is extracted from the external layer of the back of the cork oak tree. You do not have to harm the forests by cutting down trees when you want to harvest cork. Therefore, it is an ultimate and renewable resource. You will not find it just anywhere. Usually, you’ll see it in the mouths of wine bottles. However, cork has been introduced to the flooring world and it is slowly becoming quite popular.

Cork can help you with the insects at home since it is a natural repellent. It can also help you in reducing the number of allergens at home and it calls for easy maintenance. Just like any type of wood, you can design it in any colour and style to suit your needs. The longevity of cork is dependent on its quality.


Quite a number of us cannot distinguish the characteristics of linoleum from those of vinyl. However, the two are very different in every way. For starters, vinyl is very harmful to the environment since it is a synthetic that is processed from chemicals. On the other hand, linoleum is created from a mixture of several natural resources. It is resistant to water and just like cork flooring, it reduces flammability. Vinyl has for a very long time dwarfed it.

Only recently have designers and architects started enquiring more about it. It resurfaced with a huge selection of colours. Moreover, anyone using it will discover its ability to protect itself from stains. It lasts long and will withstand a lot of tears and/or water.

Glass Tiles

The world of recycling has become quite profitable to glass companies especially. The empty bottles are recycled to create eye-catching glass tiles that range in terms of designs. Apart from floors, these tiles have become common in kitchen walls and bathroom walls. Just like other eco-friendly flooring, glass tiles have a number of benefits like being non-absorptive and not creating mildew in damp areas. They are also stain-free and this allows room for easy conservation. Ceramic tiles absorb light while glass tiles do the direct opposite of that. They reflect light, therefore, making the room brighter.


Initially, the thought of concrete brought chills to your whole body. With the current developments in terms of colours, designs and so much more, concrete has caught the attention of so many people who prefer quality and beauty. It varies in benefits among which are: its ability to last for quite a long time, its economical nature, easy to take care of it and maintenance is not a challenge at all.

These are just five among many other eco-flooring methods. With the advanced technology, and our ability to be creative, environmentally-friendly flooring can easily be intertwined with style to suit our needs.

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