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Renovating? Invest In Cork Flooring And You Will Be Thrilled!


There are plenty of flooring options to choose from these days and it is a good idea to take a quick look at eco-friendly ones such as cork flooring. Did you know that the extraction of cork doesn’t harm trees? This makes cork an ideal construction material for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and do something in order to keep this planet safer and cleaner. Besides, cork is pretty attractive as well. Read this article and get acquainted with all the benefits cork can provide you with.

1. Cork is silent as a ninja. This material has a unique structure that can absorb noises on a regular basis. For example, you will hardly hear any sounds if you accidentally drop solid objects on the floor. Similarly, human and pet steps are barely audible too. Therefore, with cork flooring you can focus on your work without being bothered by surrounding noises and the quality of your sleep might improve as well.

2. Cork is soft at touch. If you have problems with your back then cork flooring might provide a little bit of relief for you. That is because its natural structure acts like a shock absorber, so you won’t feel it hard and strong under your feet. Also, cork is excellent for small kids too because they are less likely to be injured if they slip and fall.

3. Cork is durable. This type of material has been used as a flooring option for more than a century now, thanks to its amazing durability. Therefore, if you install it in your house, it might service you for a lifetime. Also, cork doesn’t really need any maintenance operations, especially if it is sealed, so you shouldn’t expect to spend money on repairs either.

4. Cork is naturally safe. Alongside with these qualities, cork also features a natural waxy substance that will keep pest, insects and allergens at bay. Also, this substance will prevent cork from rotting and getting damaged if it stays wet for a long period of time. Therefore, cork is a set-and-forget type of home improvement and you should seriously consider it in the future.

5. Cork can be used over radiant heating systems. This type of heating system is extremely effective and increasingly popular these days, but unfortunately it only works with certain types of flooring options. For example, hardwood flooring is not a recommended floor type as it can get damaged in the long run. However, if you go with cork, you can confidently install radiant floor heating. Also, you will be able to walk barefoot on your warm cork flooring option and the sensation will be divine every day!

Also, cork is a suitable option for those who don’t have a very big budget to invest in home remodeling projects as well. If you are interested about this subject and you want to give cork a chance to prove its qualities then don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We sell different types of flooring options made from cork and our prices are very attractive too!

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