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The Differences Between Pre-Finished And Site-Finished Hardwood Floors

Many of you who are scouting for the perfect hardwood floors have already come across different types of this flooring option. In fact, the words ‘pre-finished’ and ‘site-finished’ may already rung a bell in your mind. You may have heard a lot of good things about both which is now causing you a lot of confusion on which type is better over the other. You end up questioning then which one will be good for your site. Well, let us end up your misery by sharing about the differences between the two in this post.

Pre-finished hardwood is easy to install

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If there is one standout quality of pre-finished hardwood, that will be the fact that it allows easier installation on a wide array of subfloors. This makes it a more flexible option when compared to its site-finished counterpart. Add to this fact, pre-finished hardwood can be installed no matter what time of year it is. In fact, you will be surprised that it is more resistant to humidity and moisture than site-finished hardwood.

Pre-finished hardwood requires less skill to install and finish

This is true for installing this type of hardwood floor and for finishing one. Well, come to think of it, when hardwood has been pre-finished, it means that it has already received multiple coats right where it was manufactured. This is why it has been mentioned that it can match a wide array of subfloors.

Pre-finished hardwood lessens the trouble associated with site-finished hardwood

Why is this the case? Since pre-finished hardwood floors have already received multiple coats during their manufacturing process, you no longer have to apply any additional coating when you install it on site. This will lessen the fact that you need to come in contact with odours of varnish or paint that is usually needed with site-finished hardwood.

Site-finished hardwood has lesser upfront costs when compared to pre-finished hardwood

This is logical considering that it is like you have bought raw wood that will be installed on your site. You have to pay for other raw materials in order to come up with the finish that you want for this type of hardwood. You may also need to pay subcontractors who will place the finishing touches on the wood later on.

Customization is the best feature of site-finished hardwood

If there is one thing that stands out when comparing site-finished hardwood with that of the pre-finished one then that will be the fact that you can customise the finishing touches to your liking or at least to complement the existing furniture and fixture that you already have in your site. Of course, you will love that idea especially if you are following a certain style in your home or office.

All other features needed in the installation of site-finished hardwood can also be customised

Yes, you read that right. Site-finished hardwood features like the inlays, herringbone, borders and surface can be customised as well. To sum it up, anyone who happens to have a glance at this type of hardwood will end up being captivated by its beauty and warmth. Not to forget that when the time comes that hardwood floors need repair, the colours and finishes may have already faded out and will need some refinishing later on.

To sum it up

Both pre-finished and site-finished hardwood floors have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, when it is high time for you to come up with a decision, you have to go back to the characteristics of hardwood which you are already familiar with. From there, you have to weigh in on which of these attributes will bring best meaning and value to your flooring project. Once you have come up with your decision, you may want to scout on different options that you have. You can search our website for available hardwood flooring in Milton!

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