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Tips on Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring remains to be the most popular flooring choice who value tradition the most. Be it any residential building or any commercial complex, it adds an air of class, sophistication and structural strength to the building’s interiors. And it is the reason that being using this flooring is a huge financial commitment but more and more people are inclined to it as it pays off in a big way in the long run. You can see most of the houses and buildings of every big city like Oakville, Toronto, Vancouver, Brampton etc. and other small cities as well going with the trend of this flooring.

Beyond the traditional values, there are plenty of other reasons as well which make hardwood flooring a practical and popular choice among the masses. This flooring ensures a uniform and stable fit with straight-forward installation with a little bit of experience. This style never goes out of fashion and is been used for many years giving an elegant aesthetic and high-end look. The hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished easily to change the color of the floor which helps in getting rid of monotonous format and color of the floor. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain and clean the hardwood floor. The inherent properties of wood make it resistant to the dirt and stains such that they do not stick to the floors. This even makes it a better choice than carpets which catch dirt and dust very easily and also fade away.

It is very much attractive to the prospective buyers and about 99% of realtors of Toronto and Brampton agree to the fact that hardwood floors add significant value to the home as the beauty of hardwood floor is undeniable. This has resulted in the increase in the use of hardwood floors not only in these cities but other cities as well like Oakville, Vancouver, Ottawa, Regina and many more. But with all these advantages and benefits, there also comes a sense of responsibility, maintenance and care while handling the hardwood floors. It is because if you want to get the maximum out this significant investment you make on hardwood flooring, then you need to adopt some measures to protect your investment and enjoy it for as long as possible. Keeping in that mind, here are some of the preferred actions and helpful tips which ensure the long life of hardwood flooring.

  • Selecting the variety of hardwood flooring

There comes a wide variety and species of hardwood suitable for different requirements and conditions. So, it is preferred that you choose a species of hardwood flooring which will stand up to the type of foot traffic you expect in the area you wish to have it. For example, hardwood flooring in home will require a different type whereas the hardwood in any commercial complex or office space will require a different one as the footfall and type of foot traffic differs a lot.


  • Installation of hardwood flooring

If you do not have any experience in the installation of hardwood flooring, then it is better to call a professional installer because you do not want your flooring to pop out form the sides or nails making a dent on the flooring and other such events. Moreover, it is preferred not to install the hardwood flooring in areas subject to excessive moisture content like basement or bathrooms.


  • Cleaning Advices

For the cleaning purposes, always use the dry mops and vacuums to get clear of dirt and dust. Never ever use wax-based cleaners or harsh detergents because they will dull the finish of the hardwood flooring and make the color gets fade away. Also using excessive water for cleaning will result in the degradation of the wood quality and life. Oil soaps should never be used as they will build up on the floor making the surface look dull. As soon as floor comes in contact with any wet thing or spills, immediately wipe it out with a dry cloth or mop


  • Never use sharp materials

Use of abrasives articles like knifes, steel wool etc. to clean or remove the stain from the hardwood floor will result in the damage to the floor itself. So, it is recommended not to use any such kind of sharp materials and also try to limit the use of spiky things like high heels, pet nails or athletic spikes on the wooden flooring. Always try not to drag the furniture or any other material on the floor. They can also result in some damage or scratches on the floor which will tarnish the look and feel of hardwood flooring.

So, these are some of the tips which might be helpful to you while taking care of you hardwood flooring or if you are planning to get these floors. Although these are do-it-yourself tips yet they will be very much beneficial for you. Moreover, for other comprehensive tips, you can always get in touch with any professional dealing in this business.

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