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Top 4 Flooring Choices For Seniors

There are many flooring choices available today that can perfectly suit an elderly person’s needs and that are really easy to clean and maintain. From carpeting, cork flooring, linoleum flooring to rubber flooring, changing the entire look of an elderly person’s floor surface has never been this easy. However, prices for these vary drastically from one flooring material to another. Price nevertheless isn’t the right way to shop for wanted flooring materials for an elderly person’s home. Rather, shop for them based upon practicality, style and comfort. Here are some flooring choices you might want to consider for your elderly mum’s home.

1. Cork flooring

This flooring material is really soft underfoot, practical and safe in a senior person’s home. Similar to carpeting, this flooring material is able to buffer an elderly person’s fall, significantly reducing the chances of injury occurrence. Not only this, the material has the capacity to insulate a room against both the outside noise and heat loss. And as long as it is properly cared for, the floor is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Last but not the least, the flooring material naturally is able to provide traction underfoot, meaning that an elderly mum will be less likely to trip, slip or fall when walking across it.

2. Carpeting


This is a soft, warm and cushiony flooring material that is also comfortable underfoot. Not only this, it is fall-proof sorts of a flooring material meaning that an elderly mum is less likely to trip and fall in her home. Its thick body makeup also acts as an effective insulator in a room it is installed in, and thereby helping the space to preserve heat more efficiently. Though sometimes difficulty to keep clean, it is quite possible to significantly reduce dirt by being careful on what is placed on it. A regular cleaning and maintaining regime is all that required to help keep your carpet in superb condition.

3. Linoleum flooring

This is an easy to clean and maintain flooring material and that anyone with an elderly person should opt for. The flooring material requires only some regular cleaning to keep it in excellent condition. It is an excellent flooring option for seniors that are physically weak and thus have can’t complete complex cleaning and maintenance regimens. As it is naturally anti microbial and anti static, both harmful microorganisms and dust are intrinsically repelled from it.

Linoleum is basically a thin flooring material. However, by placing the right padding between it and the subfloor, you can come up with a surface that is both soft and safe for senior people utilization.

4. Vinyl flooring

This is the least expensive flooring material you can ever opt for. Not only this, it is one of the easiest flooring materials to clean and maintain. It is also almost impervious to water and stain damage. To maintain it, simply sweep it clean on a regular basis, something that makes it an ideal hassle free solution for elderly people flooring requirements. Though quite thin, paddle it with a layer of cork or felt so as to give it a softer yielding feel.

All in all, when purchasing or selecting a flooring material for your elderly mum, it is recommended that you opt for the types that are easy to care for, clean, soft and naturally slip resistant. This way, you can be sure that your mum will be safe and comfortable even when alone in the house.

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