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Using Cork As The Selected Material For Your Bedroom Flooring

It is pertinent for both landlords and homeowners to ensure that the flooring in the bedroom flows seamlessly with the room’s interior design. Thus, there are many practical points to consider when selecting viable flooring for one’s bedroom. For starters, you will need to ensure that your choice of flooring is quiet, comfortable and warm.

The type of flooring you should consider is cork flooring. The cork that is used is usually harvested from a Quercus Suber tree’s bark or cork oak tree. This tree has a lifespan up to 250 years and is grown in the Mediterranean region. Oftentimes, traditional hard labour methods are applied to strip the tree of its bark; this process is repeated over the course of nine years and it does not affect the condition of the tree! When harvesting, 50% of the bark is harvested each time.

Benefits of using cork flooring


Cork flooring is very different from traditional wood flooring as the entire tree is not cut down. When harvesting the tree, its entirety is not affected and the process does not harm the tree as mentioned earlier. Amazingly, the harvested layer of cork bark will eventually grow back, thus making the tree a renewable resource. Sadly, what kill the trees are actually old age and not the harvesting process. The manufacturing methods of cork flooring are also environmentally friendly. To produce it, post-industrial waste cork and virgin cork bark from other cork products are grounded into tiny granules. All raw materials will be consumed and other production waste can easily and safely be burned in furnaces.

Did you know that cork flooring is a perfect surface for individuals with allergies? Corking flooring is antimicrobial and mould and mildew does not affect it. Since it also does not absorb pollen or dust, potential allergens in the home can be prevented. The bark of a cork oak tree contains something called suberin.

It is a waterproof and waxy substance that is found in the cell walls of a cork tissue; it is a natural insect repellent. The substance can also protect the cork from fire when it is burnt, and does not release any toxic gasses in the process. Cork flooring also contributes to energy efficiency, thanks to its insulating properties. A cork underlayment can provide a significant amount of insulation during the colder months.

How can cork flooring be cleaned?

To prevent the process of re-staining or re-finishing your cork flooring from becoming a burden, the material must be sealed. You should then re-seal it every few years to protect its integrity while you keep moisture and dirt away. Moisture and excessive amounts of dirt can damage the cork flooring as it has a thin outer layer. Additionally, cork flooring is not suitable to be used with regular cleaning products. Instead, you should use a solvent paste wax though the time taken to apply will significantly increase. Here are some of the safe cleaning tips you can use to clean your cork floor:

• Spills should be wiped away immediately

• Dust and debris are like sandpaper and may scratch the surface of the cork flooring. Hence, you should vacuum or sweep the cork floors on a regular basis

• To clean up after a heavy spill, use only recommended cleaners with specialized solutions

• Natural wood products tend to absorb moisture, thus never allow any liquid to sit on cork floors. Excessive moisture can damage the floor in the long run

• While you should avoid wet mopping, you should damp mop at least once a week

• Never flood the floor when you mop and clean

• It is alright to use mild wood-floor detergents occasionally


If you still have some doubts about using cork as your choice of flooring, you might want to keep in mind that it is a completely natural product which remains largely unchanged by processing. It is fire resistant and does not release toxic gases upon combustion. As it typically reduces noise and absorbs sounds from the surrounding, it has great sound insulation properties. Corking flooring is also very durable due to its miniature cells composition and elastic nature.

As cork is an anti-static surface, you will be able to avoid those mini-shock experiences when you walk close to someone. Cork flooring insulates heat and cold well so it always feels warm under foot. Cork shares a very unique cellular structure which contains millions of cells that are bonded together with a gaseous substance. Hence, it is able to provide a soft feeling when people walk over it or stand on it for a period of time. If you have allergies that are commonly triggered by mould, dust, mildew and bacteria, you should opt for cork flooring in Mississauga.

If you need more tips and advice when choosing suitable flooring for your bedroom, don’t hesitate to call us at 905.281.2900. Aspen Wood Floors is looking forward to answer your enquiries!

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