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What Are The Kinds Of Under Floor Heating Systems Available For Bamboo Floors?

Under floor heating systems are becoming increasingly popular with a majority of homeowners today. The main reason for this popularity is that under surface heating offers a perfect alternative to the traditional heating systems such as radiators. But similar to other types of home heating systems, it is recommended that you set the thermostat to specific temperatures before going to bed so as to enjoy a warmer floor surface in the morning.

Since bamboo is a natural product, when used on the floor, it is able to retain heat much better compared to most man-made flooring materials such as laminate, vinyl, and the likes. This prolonged heat retention implies that a homeowner is able to enjoy a floor that stays warmer longer and that costs much less.

Types of under floor heating systems for bamboo floors


While under floor heating systems have always been used on stone or tile floors, today, there are quite a number of other flooring products they are also compatible with, including solid and engineered bamboo materials. When a solid or engineered bamboo flooring product is laid over an under floor heating system, a special under floor heating underlay, but that has a low rating, should be opted for. The heating system also can be adhered to the boards directly laid onto the concrete subfloor using appropriate flooring adhesives. In simple terms, screws and nails should be avoided when installing a bamboo flooring since they can end up punching the under floor heating pipes.

Below are the two main types of under floor heating systems that work well with bamboo flooring in Mississauga.

• Electric under floor heating

These are a sequence of electrical wires often installed underneath a bamboo floor to provide an even distribution of heat. There are different types of electrical under floor heating systems that can opted for, including loose fit wire types, electrical cable systems and heating mats. In this case, your choice will largely depend on the shape and size of your room.

These types of under floor heating systems consist of a succession of cables, mats, or sheets which are mostly installed beneath a bamboo floor. Best of all, they are basically flat making them easier to install in already existing bamboo floors. This simply means they can easily be installed in almost all types of existing spaces as is no need to change the height of the floor they are to be installed so as to fit. As a result, they have become a favorite among the homeowners, in particular when fitting under floor heating systems on impulse since they cause fewer disruptions than water heating systems.

• Water under floor heating systems

Before installing any water under floor heating system in a home, it is advisable to make certain that the boiler is compatible. If compatible, a series of pipes are then connected to the boiler. These are then used to circulate warm water throughout the bamboo floor surface, in turn heating up the surface. Alternatively, you can opt for a solar water heating system, but again, make certain to check whether your selected heating system is compatible.

Water under floor heating systems are fairly efficient, making them a popular choice with many homeowners. Unfortunately, they can be really expensive to purchase and set up. However, they are by far more financially efficient in the long run compared to electric under floor heating systems. For one, they create a larger radiating heat surface making them an effective option.

All in all, because all types of bamboo flooring materials are relatively stable, they can be used with any of the above listed under floor heating systems. However, for bamboo flooring material to perform maximally with the installed under floor heating system, the room’s temperature levels must at all times be kept within the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

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