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What Makes Bamboo Flooring so Desirable

Flooring decors are very famous now-a-days. People choose various types of flooring for their home. Some are expensive and some costs less. Today we are going to introduce you bamboo flooring which is very famous. If you are marketing beautiful, durable and affordable new floors, then bamboo flooring might attract you. In recent year bamboo flooring has become a popular option among many home builders. It holds a beautiful finish, and adds a unique element to any room. One of the advantages of bamboo flooring is the renew-ability of bamboo as a resource.


The traditional method of making bamboo floors involves slicing the stems of the plant into thin, flat planks. These strips are then nailed down to wooden beams or larger bamboo pieces to create a support system. The result is a floor that breathes, creating a room that stays cooler and more ventilated in the summer. This is the most common type of Bamboo flooring used in Brampton and Oakville. It is also commonly found in stilted homes.  Besides this, there are other types of bamboo flooring too like strand woven bamboo flooring, solid bamboo flooring, engineered bamboo flooring and also horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring. Bamboo is considered environmentally friendly is because the most common form of bamboo is self-propagating and does not require herbicides or pesticides to flourish.

The popularity of bamboo flooring can be determined by the condition in which if you’re interested in resale, bamboo will have more appeal in the marketing of your home. Bamboo is more luxurious and definitely adds more value to the house increasing the price of the home. Bamboo flooring can be a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers. When handled properly, the flooring is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Another very reason for the attractions of bamboo flooring in this eco-conscious age is that it is biodegradable. Between its rapid growth, and the fact that it breaks down easily after being replaced, it is often seen as a better alternative to destroying trees that take hundred years to grow. While bamboo flooring can add a touch of class to any home, it is a softer wood, and heavy furniture may scuff or damage it. One has to be very careful while placing heavy things on bamboo flooring. Bamboo is very durable and that is why it is listed among the top categories of flooring in Toronto. Still, a very good way to test the durability of a specific type of bamboo floor is to press a penny, or fingernail into the wood, and see how easily it dents or scratches. One notable problem with many bamboo floors is the tendency of the color to bleach out when it is exposed to long periods of sustained sunlight. This can damage the effect the flooring gives the room, and can be a major headache for homeowners. So while you are installing bamboo flooring in your home, make sure that the area going to be installed gets very less amount of sunlight on it. Bamboo flooring is very easy to maintain. Like cork flooring, bamboo flooring also needs very less in the way of cleaning. What it needs regularly is dust mopping and hovering.  And an occasionally mopping with a slightly damp mop works too.

Now the problem with bamboo flooring is its quality rating. With no official quality rating for most bamboo products it is really very difficult to judge the quality of the bamboo flooring stacked on the selves. Your best guide will be pricing it. Get a steer clear of the lowest priced floor and stick with reputable brands. Or otherwise, get a sample and test it first. Because bamboo is a grass rather than a wood, it is advised not to refinish it and the better option for the damaged plank is to replace it with a new one.

Although the best quality of bamboo flooring is made with environmentally friendly practices, still some companies do use methods that are less than ideal. They may use premature bamboo, which is less than four years old, and use high levels of additives like formaldehyde in the gluing process. While these practices do result in lower prices, they may also reduce the quality and negatively impact the environment. Like many other toxic adhesives this can cause illness in a very small amount of the population. Therefore, before deciding the type of bamboo flooring you are going to purchase, pay attention to the construction of the materials, the ends of the board to ensure there are no gaps in the layers of bamboo and that no fillers have been added to shore up gaps. The finish on the flooring should be coated evenly with a smooth and uniform texture.

Now that you are aware of the points which make bamboo flooring so desirable, we hope that you would the right bamboo of right material and quality. If you’re in the market for new flooring, consider bamboo, a wonderful alternative to the more traditional hardwood floors and it is a wonderful alternative to the more traditional hardwood flooring options.

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