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Which Areas In The House Should You Consider For Installing Cork Flooring?

Your building contractor will always prompt you to think carefully about the flooring option you wish to go for. You must have wondered why the contractor insisted on weighing your options well before settling on one. It’s simple. Your floor is one of the most important installations in your house and is meant to last for long. It speaks a lot about you too. Whatever you go for must therefore exude your character, accentuate other features that make up your home and most importantly, be friendly to your pockets.

Cork has proven to be one of the best flooring options for homes that have children and pets. Cork has antimicrobial properties that can resist mold, a property than can easily go a long way to protect the health and wellness of you and your family members. If you have decided to go with cork flooring, do you know that cork floors are much more ideal for some spaces than they are for others? Here is what you need to know as far as the most suitable spaces for cork flooring are concerned.

The basement is suitable for cork flooring

Talk of basement rooms and one main thing comes up in one’s mind – mold. That should be expected, given that mold thrives well where there is inadequate light and fresh air. Add some moisture and poor ventilation to the scene and you are likely to end up with both mold and mildew. Anything that can either curb such a menace or keep it at bay is certainly worth considering. Try cork flooring options. Cork is rich in antimicrobial properties that naturally resist fungal growth and other allergens. That means with cork flooring installed on your basement, you won’t have to worry so much about keeping mold at bay. Keep in mind though that you will still need to observe certain hygiene and ventilation standards.

The living room is suitable for a cork floor


Everyone wants an attractive living room; one that is aesthetically appealing right from the walls and the ceiling all the way to the floor and other living room fixtures. Go for a cork floor to end up with such a living room. The upside is the fact that you won’t have to spend much. You will also have an easy time maintaining the floor. Regular cleaning and prompt wiping of common spills are just but some of the actions you may have to take to ensure your cork floor lasts for longer.

The kitchen is suitable to install cork flooring

Cork floors have one thing in common with hardwood floors. They bring about a rare warmth effect. That makes cork floor one of the best options to consider for the kitchen. It should however be noted that there are specific cork flooring types not recommended for the kitchen mainly because they are not so good with withstanding heat for too long. Your contractor should tell you more about such types which are mostly manufactured by certain brands with average reputation in regard to offering homeowners value for their money. Note that cork is also ideal where one wants a rustic theme for the kitchen and the living room.

The bathroom can be suitable for cork floor installation

Cork floors may not be waterproof, but they are water resistant. That makes them ideal for the bathroom and other wet areas like laundry rooms. However, you need to go for a cork floor coated with polyurethane. The coating will increase the floor’s lifespan and protect it from common spills that are likely to cause stubborn or permanent stains on the floor.

Mold can crop up here and stands out as a sore thumb. Humid areas attract mold and rust in equal proportions. That explains why mold remediation is needed in humid areas than they are in areas with normal humidity levels. When you go for cork flooring, you can keep mold at bay since it has a natural resistance to mold growth.

Although cork flooring has so many advantages for the bathroom, it is not without drawbacks. If you use low quality cork flooring here, it is likely that you will encounter warping. And if your bathroom will encounter excessive spills, it is not recommended to opt for cork flooring because over time, the cork flooring will be affected by excessive moisture and humidity.

Choosing the space to install cork flooring

Take your time to find out the best cork flooring manufacturers in the market. This can be a little bit demanding in terms of time, so be prepared to spend hours online looking for the best manufacturers. It is better to discuss with your flooring contractor and ask them for advice on the best cork flooring products. Be sure to find out if there are customized options available. That way, you will end up with impressive rooms adorned with cork floors. When you use cork flooring for the right space in your house, it will be an investment well made!

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