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Why Choose Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood has always been a popular choice of flooring among people with great tastes. It is durable, classic and offers a great variety of exotic choices. It can give your home a classy and elegant look with very less maintenance costs. Once installed, it can go on for generations, with a few occasional reinforcements from time to time. However, the choice of the wood is a very important decision that the customer needs to make, and it is not a very easy one, especially with the ever-increasing variety of choices in the market. In the early times, bamboo flooring was very popular because of its environmental profile, durability and restorability. However, with time people began switching to more exotic forms of hardwood for flooring purposes. Now the question arises, why should one choose the exotic species of wood for their flooring. Most customers believe that these woods come with a high price tag and are beyond their budget. However, it is not true. Exotic wood species are becoming more and more affordable every day thanks to increased popularity and production. Because they also tend to mature in a relatively short amount of time, exotic species are considered a more eco-friendly alternative to other flooring products.

For decades, the name oak has been synonymous with hardwood flooring. It has always been a top choice owing to its durability and lovely golden shades. However, going by the newer design trends, people have begun to prefer alternatives, which have, produces awesome results. These exotic woods offer durability comparable to oak but are available in a plethora of colours and styles to meet the aesthetic demands of every homeowner. Many of these styles are considered to be ecologically sustainable, making them a favourite among green-minded builders and homeowners who prefer traditional hardwoods in place of other newer materials. Well the market today provides a wide range of classic-yet-trendy choices for hardwood flooring within affordable prices.


Found mostly growing in the northern regions of North America and Canada, Maple hardwood flooring is a very pale, creamy white colour with slight differences in shade, which varies from board to board. Depending on the grade chosen, Maple flooring can contain varying amounts of brownish-black mineral streaks. It can be used with any kind of finishing to your home. It is a classic American choice of flooring that can complement any decor or architectural style. It has a proven track-record of durability. It is also considered a sustainable choice because a maple tree matures relatively quickly.


It is the most classic of all hardwoods and it continues to be popular because of its warmth and durability. The most popular domestic wood species for hardwood flooring is Red Oak. Its beauty lies in its moderate to heavy graining with moderate colour variations from light creamy reddish pinks to shades of brown. White oak is similar to red oak except for the fact that it is harder and generally comes in golden or brown shades with grey undertones. White Oak flooring takes stain colours very evenly because of its harder grains. White Oak is a fantastic way to add a touch of traditional atmosphere to your home without introducing the hints of red you would find in a Red Oak Natural. The only drawback is that it takes decades for an oak tree to mature, yet it still forms an elegant part of most old-century homes in Oakville, Toronto, Brampton, and Milton.


These fast maturing trees produce some of the most unique, beautiful wood available in the states. Cherry wood has a distinctive charm because of its natural colour variations and interesting grain patterns. It is not as hard as maple or oak, yet its durability makes it a popular choice among homeowners who love the reddish tones for their homes.


Hickory is one of the hardest domestic wood species and is highly popular because of its natural colour variation and unusual graining. Hickory Hardwood flooring can give you shades ranging from creamy whites to medium browns, with even darker browns in some rustic grades, with some fantastic grain variations and patterns.  Though it takes long to mature, it can provide decades of faithful flooring service for your homes.


It comes in two varieties – Yellow Birch and Red Birch flooring. Yellow birch is of creamy white colour with yellow undertones, while red birch comes in golden brown shades with reddish undertones. Birchwood is generally fine, with uniform curls and very less amount of graining. It is a popular choice for plain flooring and permits a variety of decoration to be done on the wood.


Chocolate brown in colour, it is softer than other woods used in flooring, but harder than cherry wood. It adds a natural warmth to the home and Black walnut is one of the most popular choice of hardwood flooring in the states.


Yellow pine comes in large board sizes and the wood is generally soft. It is known for the knots of varying sizes in the wood and the pitch spots. It is not that popular a choice because of the structural changes it undergoes from season to season. However, many suppliers provide great quality prefinished pine flooring options that are too good to resist.

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