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Why Installing Hardwood Flooring Should Not Be A DIY Activity

Unfortunately, installing hardwood floors is not as easy as it looks. It does not involve holding a staple gun and connecting the boards together. The entire process is complicated and you would surely need professional assistance. There are some climatic conditions where it becomes harder to install hardwood floors. Therefore, before you start searching tutorials online for installing them, here are several things you must consider beforehand.

Replacing the raw material is not easy at all


Just because you can paint your house, it does not make you expert enough to install hardwood floors. Unlike replacing kitchen cabinets or painting your room wall, the raw material of hardwood floors is quite costly. This means you cannot afford to make a mistake if you have decided to take this task in your hand. Having another board for yourself means you have chosen a costly solution for yourself.

You would need special tools for the project 

Installing hardwood floors means you would need a lot more tools than the standard nails and a hammer. Many hand and power tools are required to accomplish the task with perfection. Here is a list of some of the common tools you would need for this project:

  • Floor leveling tools
  • Glue adhesives
  • Different types of saws
  • Air compressors
  • Knee pads for your knee protection
  • Glue adhesives and adhesive removers
  • Buffers
  • Sanders
  • Nail guns

The above mentioned tools are just a few. There are many other tools that you require in your project. Investing in these tools means that you won’t really end up saving much if you decide to install the hardwood floor yourself. Therefore it is always a good idea to seek professional assistance and get the work done. They have all the specialized tools with them and know how to install the flooring in a perfect manner.

Working knowledge is essential

If you have started working on the project for the very first time without any prior knowledge on hardwood floors then you are just inviting trouble on your way. A general know how of the installing techniques is mandatory when you begin to work on such projects. DIY activities may look cost effective at times but these are not meant for the untrained people. It would be really unwise if you decide to challenge yourself on this project unless you know what you would be doing.

There are many things you would have to know before commencing the project. For example, you should know how much space should you leave for the gaps, how to center rooms, how would you work around the staircases, fireplaces and closets etc. it is high time that you be realistic about your skill level when you think about installing hardwood floors.

Why professionals should be preferred for installing hardwood floors

  • The only enemy of wood floor is moisture. The professionals have a special wood moisture meter with them which they use for measuring the amount of moisture present in the concrete or the sub-floor.
  • The professionals do know how to thoroughly clean the sub-floor or the existing floor on which the wood floor is to be installed. They make sure it is dry; flat and of course structurally sound as well.
  • Over the years, the professionals know from where to begin the flooring project. Usually they start from a focal point of the room like a fireplace.
  • Accurate measurements are very important for perfect and even installation. The professionals do take several measurements and mark the floors with a chalk line before commencing.
  • Usually the wood is delivered in different lengths which later have to be cut into accurate and equal pieces. This requires time, patience and expertise which only professionals possess.

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