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Why Should You Be Considering Cork Flooring For Your Home?

Cork floors have been in existence for many years now and many people across the globe have turned their focus to the material of cork to give the floors of their homes a deserving look. Unlike the old days where cork floors were only used in offices and public spaces, people have embraced their use in homes. The cork floors are made from the barks of cork trees. These trees are mainly found in the north of Africa and also in the southern Europe.

There are trending versions that you can choose to design the floor of your house without having to contact a professional. There are numerous reasons why you should choose a cork floor to suit the design of your house. The cork floor has a number of advantages that you might never knew it had. You will only realize long after you have purchased it and set it in your house.

Cork flooring exists in two different types; plank and tiles. Planks are usually solid or an engineered laminate. You can choose between the flooring which comes as glue-down applications. They can be used in all types of floors regardless of the situation the floor is in. Cork flooring tiles are not that cumbersome to install but at times they can be tricky when arranging a certain design. The benefits of these floors are discussed below:


• Durability

Cork floors are very durable as they resist cracking. They rarely absorb water and that makes them very good in floor protection. If you maintain your cork floor in the right way, it is likely to serve you for years without having to change it.

• Comfortable

Once you have set it on the floor, cork holds onto the ground and makes it easier for someone to walk in the room without falling or feeling uncomfortable. Cork absorbs a good amount of temperature thus keeping the room warm and aerated. It is also a chock resistor and this simply means that you cannot experience an electronic shock.

• Inflammable

Cork is a natural fire resistant tree and the same case applies to the cork flooring. It is highly inflammable and you can be assured that it cannot catch fire at all and therefore does not release any toxic gases on combustion.

• Ensures health of the homeowners

This is most probably the best thing about cork floors. They do not absorb dust neither do they allow any pollen to get absorbed. This means that no form of allergenic components can get into the house. Even when washed, it does not absorb any water.

• Classy

The cork floors come in different designs and styles. You can also choose the color of the tiles and the planks that suits you best. You can use the cork floor with various styles, colors and design to make your home look awesome.

• It is eco-friendly

Cork flooring materials are gotten from the outer parts of the cork tree which simply means that no tree has to be cut down to get the cork floor. The bark is chipped off using various traditional methods where you choose the bark, chip it off and leave the tree growing another bark. Therefore, if you are highly concerned about the environment and are a strong promoter of green living, cork flooring is meant for you.

• It looks clean and modern

Most of the people tend to prefer the idea of putting carpets on their floors because they feel that it makes a room look warm, cozy and welcoming. If you are ready to try something new and want to give a break to this traditional mindset, then you must invest in cork flooring. Ever since the introduction of cork flooring in the residential areas, the demand of these floors has gone quite high. Elite class tends to prefer this option because it gives their house a lavish look. The biggest advantage of this type of flooring is that it remains clean for a long period of time as it does not absorb dust and other allergens.

• It is a sound absorber

The experts regard cork flooring as one of the best option because it tends to absorb noise. It is known for its natural sound insulation ability. Since it can absorb ambient sound and reduces the sound level, it makes a specific room feel very calm and harmonious.

When getting your house remodeled, you can discuss other possible options with your contractor as well and see what he suggests. If you are fond of cork flooring, you can tell him about your preference and he will surely give you a good advice on this. Since the contractor would be specialized in flooring materials, he would be in a better position to recommend the best solution after analyzing your needs, requirements and location.

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