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Floor Care

Choosing a hardwood floor is an important decision and to extend the life of your investment here are a few simple steps for maintenance and cleaning. More detailed information is available from our sales associates along with recommendations on products that will simplify your task. So protect your investment and keep it as beautiful as the day it was installed with these helpful tips.

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Always vacuum or sweep the floor to remove all traces of dust or abrasive residues before cleaning.

Lightly spray some hardwood floor cleaner on a section of the floor or directly on the cloth mop.

Wipe the floor with the mop lengthwise of the floor strips with a back-and-forth motion. Finish one section before starting another one.


  • Do not spray too much cleaner directly on the floor. An excess of liquid might filter down between the strips and damage the wood fibres.
  • Stubborn spots, heel marks or sticky stains can be removed by scrubbing the area with a sponge or a damp cloth sprayed with cleaner.
  • A dirty mop cover may leave traces on the floor. Replace it with a clean one. Some mop covers can be machine-washed like any terry cloth towels.